ikan Pelagis dan Demersal Papua Barat

Sorong City Produces 1,748.68 Tons of Pelagic Fish and 238.38 Tons of Demersal Fish

The fishery output in Sorong City,West Papua Province, currently reached 1,987.06 tons. The catch is divided into 2 (two) types, namely Pelagic fish and Demersal fish. The most widely produced pelagic fishery production is Teri fish with a production of 278,76 tons, Lemuru fish 223,14 tons, Fly Fish 222, 8 tons, Mackerel fish 221,27 tons, and other pelagic fishes, so the total production of pelagic fish as a whole reached 1,748.68 tons.


While most demersal fishery production produced in Sorong City is the

  • Yellow tail fish at 85.65 tons,
  • Bubara fish 44.25 tons,
  • Red fish 40.62 tons,
  • Grouper fish 32,83 tons
  • Lencam 22.18 tons,
  • Kurisi fish 6.7 tons, and
  • Layur fish 6.15 tons,

so the total production of demersal fish as a whole is 238.38 tons.

(Source: DKP Sorong City)

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