west papua news – Many young people from Papua have extraordinary talents and achievements. Not only achievements at the national level, but also at the international level. One of the inspirational figures for today’s young generation is George Saa. His passion for learning, high discipline, and love for science and mathematics subjects led him to become the winner of the First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics in 2004.

George Saa is known as a child who studies diligently since he was in elementary school (SD). In fact, his teacher is known as a student who excels in science and math subjects, so the teacher of these subjects often gives him praise. George took the compliment as an encouragement to learn and enjoy science and math even more. Evidently, his love for the subject made it easier to work on the questions and the results were satisfactory.

west papua news – Entering high school level education (SMA), a teacher realized George’s abilities. For this reason, George was registered to participate in science competitions at the city, district, and provincial levels. The result was very surprising, George managed to win all competitions held at all levels.

With these achievements, he finally decided to take part in the National Science Olympiad. From the support of Regional Autonomy (Otda) he was dispatched by the Papua provincial government to compete in the competition. Again, at the event that competed for smart science students from various regions in Indonesia, George managed to get first place.

This breaks the assumption that Papuans are only limited to being at the provincial regional level. George pointed out that Papuan children won the National Design Olympiad competition. So far, usually Papuan children are only able to win in the province, it’s their turn to continue to lose.

With these various proud achievements, George caught the attention of Professor Yohannes Surya. He was also trained to take part in international research competitions in 2004. With training and learning discipline, he became more confident to compete in international research competitions.

Thanks to his hard work, the international research competition finally yielded satisfactory results. His paper, entitled “Infinite Triangle and Hexagonal Lattice Networks of Identical Resistors” managed to attract the attention of the judges. As a result, George became the winner of the First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics in 2004. For him winning an international competition was a bonus. Because he has sacrificed a lot to get to that level.

George’s achievements at the international level apparently inspired him to bring about change in the land of Papua. In particular, in improving the quality of Human Resources (HR) in Papua in the future. The hope is that people in Papua can live more prosperously by relying on their expertise.

Therefore, he took the initiative to help the government in providing access to education for the Papuan people. With the support he gave, George is optimistic that it will encourage the enthusiasm of various parties in efforts to improve human resources in Papua in the future, so that the Papuan people can gain expertise that can be used in their work through the access to education they get. George has even established a training center for technical research and vocational training centers in Timika, Papua