The Last Rotation of the Four-Year PON, Investment in the Human Resources of Sports

Human resource support has prepared volunteers who can really be good aides, can become liaisons so that the contingents will feel comfortable.

The National Sports Week (PON) is a national sporting event in Indonesia organized by the Indonesian National Sports Committee (KONI). The PON is held every four years and participated in by all the provinces in Indonesia.

However, after the 20th Papua PON, which is planned to be held on 2-15 October 2021, the next PON will no longer be held every four years, but every two years. This is in accordance with KONI’s 2018 National Working Meeting outcome which agreed on theplan to hold the PON every two years as proposed by the Minister of Youth and Sports for the 2014-2019 period, Imam Nahrawi.

Succession of the 20th Papua PON
Succession of the 20th Papua PON

Deputy IV Chairman of Central KONI K.Inugroho, as reported by Antara, Thurs-day, April 26 2018, stated that the Plenary Session of KONI’s 2018 National Working Meeting in the fields of achievement development, education and upgrading,as well as research and development of sports science supports holding the PON every two years.

However, KONI views that the plan for holding the PON every two years is fort wo different PONs, namely the senior level PON and the junior level PON. KONI proposes the implementation of the Junior PON starting 2022 with an age limit for both Senior and Junior PONs. Theage limit must be adjusted to the main regulation of the national or international sports organizations of each sport. KONI also asked the parent organization of sport branches to determine the standard of coaches who would serve as officials in PON’s implementation.

Two provinces will directly organize the plan, which will be every two years. After Papua, Aceh and North Sumatra will be the organizers of the next PON. The main reason for changing it every two years is to enable each province to become organizers sooner, because the policy of holding the PON every four years was made when the number of provinces in Indonesia was still 27 provinces.

Succession of the 20th Papua PON

So far, the 20th Papua PON was ready to be held, there was even a test event.As the tagline in Torang Bisa, Papua through its governor Lukas Enembe has repeatedly stated that it is ready to hold a large national-scale event. RI’s Minister of Youth and Sports Zainuddin Amalialso, in several statements in the national media, stated that the success of the Papua PON is the success of Indonesia.

As reported by the Minister of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora) website (, the Minister togetherwith the National Police Chief and the TNI Commander have reviewed four PON cluster areas in JayapuraCity, Jayapura Regency, Mimika, and Merauke. In terms of infrastructure,few needs improvement and will not hamper the games. Likewise, with human resource support, all are ready to serve the contingents from 33 provinces as well as the host contingent itself.

Human resource support has prepared volunteers who can really be good aides,can become liaisons so that the contingents will feel comfortable. As for spectators, they are expected but limited and should be disciplined with strict health protocols.

Until mid-September 2021, the number of spectators has not yet been decided but they must certainly be vaccinated. Therefore, the target is to at least vac-cinate 70 percent of the surrounding communities.

A bubble to bubble system will also be implemented, meaning that all contingents who compete in one of the clusters come and go from the same cluster. This is done to contain movement so it doesn’t spread ubiquitously.

The 20th PON being held in Papua this year did not come suddenly. The process went through bidding of all the provinces. When it was discovered that Papua had won the bidding, the government was very welcoming. That means there is even distribution and equality with other provinces.

Naturally, there are cost consequences.However, as stated in the National Sports Grand Design (DBON) whose Presidential Regulation was signed by President Jokowi during the 38th National Sports Day (Haornas) (9/9/2021), the cost to sup-port sports is no longer a cost, but an in-vestment in developing human resources and it is priceless. Infrastructure will also be used, especially since Papua will become one of the center for Sports Development.