Nabire Regency Cooperates with Sweep Clean Illegal Levies (Saber Pungli) Team to Improve Public Service

In trying to improve public service and create a clean Government, Nabire Regency Government has cooperated with the clean sweep illegal levies task force team (saber pungli task force).

The Regent of Nabire, Isaias Douw, through a written message read by Nabire Vice Regent, Amirullah Hasyim, requested all parties, especially the Saber Pungli team of Nabire Regency, to work firmly and honestly to provide understanding to the government and society for the sake of building a clean, honest and illegal levy free Nabire.

“All ASN and private components, as well as the community are expected to support the implementation of Saber Pungli team’s assignment of avoiding collusion, corruption and nepotism (KKN),” he said after the socialization and supervision of the Saber Pungli team at the Nabire Guest House building yesterday.

According to him, socialization activities are very positive because it has a broad impact in the development of a better Nabire.

He assessed that the socialization and supervision of the saber Pungli team could provide awareness to the ASN and the community in improving services and building public trust in the government apparatus.

Moreover, the existence of Saber Pungli Task force was formed based on the mandate of Presidential Regulation (Perpres) number 87 of 2016.


“This is a mandate that has to be carried out. Therefore, the Saber Pungli Task Force must have knowledge on prevention and prosecution. We hope that this Task Force can work well in order to create a clean and honest Government, “he explained.

The same thing was expressed by Nabire Police Chief, AKBP Sonny Sanjaya. He said that the Saber Pungli movement is not only done outside law enforcement institutions, but also leads to the institution itself.

“The tasks and authorities of Saber Pungli Task Force are to establish a system of prevention and eradication of illegal levies. Among them: to collect data and information, carry out eradication operations, hand-catch operations, and recommend the formation of Saber Pungli in every state agency, “ he explained.

In this socialization, the main tasks of Tim Saber Pungli as well as working groups within it, including working group on prevention, prosecution, justice and intelligence were repeatedly discussed.

Attending the event were the Head of UPP Saber Pungli Papua Team, Saring SH MH, Nabire Police Chief, AKBP Sony Sanjaya S.IK, Papua Police representatives, representatives from the Papua’s Prosecutor’s Office, representatives from the Inspectorate of Papua Province, representatives from Kodim 1705 / Paniai, , representatives from Nabire’s District Attorney, Head of SKPD, elements of TNI / Polri, and invited guests.