The government has officially designated Papuan armed groups as terrorist groups. What makes the government designate them as a terrorist group?

There is a lot of research, but what is driving the acceleration is the escalation of violence that has occurred in recent months. Moreover, recently there have been many violent killings against civilians, against teachers, motorcycle taxi drivers, KPU employees, burning houses, and various kinds of murders. So we consider this to have fulfilled the elements of terrorism, namely acts of violence and threats of violence that sacrificed non-combatants, then brutally destroyed public facilities. That’s terror.


So we define them as terrorists, whether they are organizations, or people affiliated with violence. Moreover, it is clear that the movement has a motive to fulfill the requirements. The motives are ideology, politics, and security. They have declared independence, and openly challenged war to the TNI-Polri, and it has gone viral. They said: please come here TNI-Polri, I will cut their throats, we will kill them all. Well, if the authorities are afraid of this, let alone the civilians. In accordance with a letter from the community asking the government to be firm, the government’s call to categorize the Papuan KKB as a terrorist was also made by the Chairman of PBNU KH Said Aqil Siradj, and Chairman of PP Muhammadiyah Abdul Mu’thi. also said the labeling is very precise and measurable.

That’s all behind the government’s statement that they are a terrorist group. We will hunt them down, what we are hunting for are terrorists, to protect Papuans. However, Papua’s development remains based on Presidential Instruction No. 9/2020 with a welfare approach. Funds are disbursed, technology is there, infrastructure has been prepared.

How is the support from the Papuan people themselves?

Many. DPRD leaders, church leaders, traditional leaders, all came to my office. Even wavy. From the church there were two waves due to different places, one Catholic, one Protestant. All stated that Papua must face terror.

Papua is an integral part of Indonesia. By law, it has been determined that the Determination of People’s Opinion (Pepera) which was ratified by the UN General Assembly in November 1969 with Resolution 2504, Papua is a legal part of the Republic of Indonesia. Therefore, if you challenge war, want independence, and commit violence and destroy public facilities, that is terror. And terror, everywhere must be dealt with and treated firmly.

Comments on Governor Lukas Enembe’s comments for this policy to be reviewed?

The request for review contains two things. One, for the government to consult with the United Nations first. I emphasize, it was the UN who ordered through Resolution 1373 that every country make a list of terrorists in their own country so that they can cooperate in eradicating them. No orders should be consulted with the United Nations. In fact, the United Nations has asked all UN member states to be bound, making a list of terrorists in their respective countries. Second, we designate armed criminal groups as terrorist groups precisely to protect the Papuan people, including Papuans outside Papua. We protect all the Papuans in Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi.

There is not a single evidence that proves that there is no protection for them, because they, who are outside Papua, are our citizens. Instead, we give them affirmations, ease of learning, become civil servants outside of nationally applicable regulations, study at UI, UGM, ITB, and are given facilities that they don’t have to take tests like the Javanese. Papuans are given seats, because we protect them so that they can be educated, participate in good education and national standards.

Does the labeling of terrorists actually make a more repressive movement related to security in Papua?

No. Because we have mapped out the places and the people. BIN already has it, BAIS has it. The TNI, Polri, and BIN must work together, because BIN knows the map, knows what group it belongs to, and knows in which group it mixes with civilians, so it is dangerous if not taken action. It’s BIN that maps. Then the TNI and Polri carried out the rescue of civilians while taking firm action against the identified terrorists. Actually there are already names, hundreds of people, the place of which is also known. Therefore, we continue to protect all people.

In Papua, the approach is welfare, not weapons. All ministries and institutions have been assigned their respective tasks by the President to improve the welfare of Papua. There is already an Inpres, and the funds are also provided. Funds were also increased, from 2 percent of the DAU to 2.25 percent of the DAU.

If anyone wants a peaceful way, is it possible?

The path of peace is the main road. They have been invited to peace, invited to return to the republic in a good manner, still challenging war and shooting and killing people. If you want peace and surrender, then just give up. Nothing will be done. The law will speak. People surrender and people run until they are caught, the punishment will be different. If you want peace, fine. We’ve always talked about peace.

What about dialogue approaches such as the settlement in Aceh?

We have had a dialogue since the beginning. A dozen years of dialogue. The characters come to invite dialogue. But those who are stubborn and still rebellious never come to dialogue. Direct kill. We always ask: what do you ask for? Let’s build together. But they didn’t come.

Attempts to bring to the International Court of Justice?

That’s stupid. Just as people used to shout to be brought to the International Court of Justice, it will be laughed at by legal people. Each court has competence. Like debts, it cannot go to the religious court, but the general court. Unless in the determination of terrorists genocide or crimes against humanity occur. It’s not. There is a certain size, there is a law against a terrorist.

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