Misool Island, Tropical Paradise hidden in Raja Ampat, West Papua

Keindahan Pulau Misool di Raja Ampat West Papua

There is no end when we talk about the natural beauty of Misool Island in Raja Ampat, West Papua. It is popularly known as “The Last Paradise” and is well known among tourists all over the world. Crystal blue waters, clusters of karst islands in the middle of the ocean, and hard corals that grow above the water to underwater caves are a complete package that we can see in Raja Ampat. It’s very interesting for everyone when they see it.

West Papua – The Beauty of Misool Island When you are going to Raja Ampat, going to Misool Island can be added to your list. This is one amazing island. At this location, visitors can enjoy the famous exotic underwater life, and we can feel adventurous when we ride the Kajang boat.

The Kajang boat is a small boat measuring 8 m long and 2 m wide. This is an ancient mode of water transportation and very famous at that time. The shape is unique and made of wood, bamboo, and the roof is made of palm leaves. This boat is divided into 3 parts: the front (kajang pull), the middle (kajang fixed) and the rear (kajang tunjang).

People back then used it like a house too. While riding this boat, we can explore the untouched part of Misool island from the other side. Misool Island has beautiful white sand along the beach and clear water. This view is very refreshing for visitors to this island. No wonder many people make Misool their favorite place when visiting West Papua. This is surely a hidden paradise in the land of the last paradise.

What Can You Do?

There are many activities that can be done while we are on Misool Island, such as traveling around the island by boat. We can see the exotic part of this island while looking from the boat and enjoying the breeze. You can also kayak and snorkel to enjoy a closer view of the underwater life. Also, you can visit the small villages of Misool to see local life.

Misool Pulau Island Development Potential

In the future, Misool Island will function as a geopark with a wealth of unique geological landscapes, both above sea level and under water. The coral reefs and beaches are stunning, and the caves are beautiful, this (Misool Island) counts as an ancient heritage as well as kayaking site. This can make Misool Island an exclusive tourist area.

Preserving Nature on Misool Island

With this incredible potential and beauty, we must keep this place as it is. We must keep the environment clean and not litter or throw hazardous chemical waste. Also, we must not touch the coral reefs.

One way to conserve nature is to increase the capacity of the local community on how to manage tourism in Misool. Thus, the community will understand the importance of preserving and protecting the ecology of this island. When nature is destroyed, we will lose this rich biodiversity and magnificent marine life. It cannot be regenerated.

How To Get To Misool Island

If you want to visit Misool Island, you can go through Sorong, West Papua. There are various kinds of transportation, from speed boats with an estimated arrival time of about 4 hours or by large ships with an estimated time of 8 hours.

West Papua has great tourism potential, especially in Raja Ampat. The diversity of marine life is known worldwide, and is located in the Coral Triangle. With this greatness, we need to guard and protect the potential of this nature with care, and everyone has a responsibility to preserve it.

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