The nemangkawi Task Force (Satgas) hunting down KKB terrorists in Papua


The nemangkawi Task Force (Satgas) isa joint Indonesian national Armed Forces Indonesian national Police (TNI Polri) force tasked with hunting down KKb terrorists in Papua. Led by two experienced generals, the nemangkawi Task Force has made a number of achievements.

The nemangkawi Task Force Satgas hunting down KKB terrorists in Papua

Under the command of brigadier General Tri budi Utomo, Wadanjen Kopassus who served as operations Commander of the nemangkawi Task Force from the TNI, and brigadier General roycke Harry Langie who is the operations Commander of the Police, these elite troops were able to make the KKb run wild.

As quoted from, no less than 105 KKb members and members of the group’s supporters have been arrested. The nemangkawi Task Force also managed to confiscate 48 firearms and 933 rounds of ammunition in 2020. During the operation, the Task Force shot and killed Hengky Wamangon August 16, 2020. Hengky was a terrorist from the Kalikopi group. The task force also shot dead Kalikopi group’s platoon commander, Feri Ilas, on February28, 2021.

recently, during a shootout in Ilaga District, Puncak regency, the nemangkawi Task Force shot dead Lesmin Waker’saide, Wendis Enimbo. They are the subordinates of Lekagak Telenggen. In mayuberi, north Ilaga, two KKb members were also disabled until they died. They died in a shootout with the nemangkawi Task Force in the early hours of the morning near the Kampung mayuberi bridge.

one of the biggest arrests was victor Yaimo, the DPO actor for the 2019 Jayapura riots on 9 may 2021 in Abepura. The nemangkawi Task Force also arrested Paniel Kogoya, the financier and supplier of KKb weapons led by Egianus Kogoya. not only that, the enforcement of the nemangkawi cyber law also arrested five hate speech suspects that spread hoax on Papuan racial genocide through social media. In addition to taking action, another tough task that was also successfully carried out was the return of 21 members of the Group of States of the Federal republic of West Papua(NRFP) to the republic of Indonesia. This was also the result of the hard work of the nemangkawi Task Force team.

Soft approach

Aside from the law enforcement approach, brigadier General roycke has also succeeded in carrying out a soft approach to the community through the development of binmas noken nemangkawi, which is widely accepted by the community. binmas noken nemangkawi is present through various activities, including the social assistance distribution program, as well as trauma healing, especially for children. In addition, the Pi Ajar Police Program provides assistance with livestock seeds, teaches raising livestock and fine gardening to farmers and native Papuan farmers, as well as supporting and providing fertilizer and seeds.

The performance of brigadier General roycke and his team also had a positive impact, support, and appreciation, especially regarding law enforcement from the community. one of them is from a traditional leader and village head of Sapalek village, Sakarias Yelipele, who appreciates the performance of the TNI Polri in maintaining security in the city of Wamena, especially in Sapalek village west papua.

Arrests of KKB DPO Yentinus Kogoya

The most recent operation of the nemangkawi Task Force was to arrest one fugitive KKb member in Dekai City,Yahukimo regency, Papua. Public relations Head of the nemangkawi Task Force, Kombes Ahmad musthofa Kamal said the one arrested was Yentinus Kogoya.

As reported by, Yentinus’arrest was based on two reports received by the Yahukimo Police on June 25, 2021and July 10, 2021. Yentinus Kogoya is a member of the KKb who is included in the DPo. Yentinus Kogoya has an alias,which is mustache. He is a member of the Papuan KKb under the command of Egianus Kogoya who operates criminally in the nduga region. Yentinus Kogoya is also a subordinate of the KKb leader in Yahukimo west papua, Tendius Gwijangge. He acts as a liaison, translator, and has a role in social media.

Yentinus Kogoya is known as a mining worker. He is said to have been around the Yahukimo area for four years. The arrest operation carried out by the nemangkawi Task Force gave chase after receiving information from residentsabout his whereabouts. At around 10 am local time, the Task Force operation found Yentinus Kogoya who was riding a motorcycle with benius Giban. both were arrested while buying gasoline.

The performance of the nemangkawi Task Force should be fully supported,and a reflection of the synergies of the officers which are fast, responsive and agile, but also adaptive to the local community. The support and reporting of local residents is proof that this task force is able to blend in, work together, and build participatory communication with the environment.


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