The opportunity for Cenderawasih Land to be better known in the archipelago because of the 20th PON in Papua

So far, the public knows and hears the what’s and how’s of Papua only from print and electronic media, as well as on social media channels. Not many people know first hand what the real appearance of Papua is and the friendliness of its people. The 20th Papua PON is a golden opportunity for the largest is land in Indonesia to be better known directly by the people of other regions who will later visit there.

Not only that, during the holding of the PON and Peparnas, the news traffic regarding Papua is predicted to experience a significant increase because public interest and attention will be concentrated on national issues such as the PON. Moreover, the PON is an agility event that pits specific sport skills, which have always attracted considerable public interest and curiosity.

The Opportunity for Cenderawasih Land to be Known Better in the Archipelago

Particularly during the pandemic,there are almost no national sporting events that can be viewed live, such as football and badminton matches which are the two most favorite sports of the Indonesian people. Holding the PON will become a special magnet that is very pleasing and become an oasis for the public who are thirsty for entertaining and intellectual shows.

The 20th Papua PON is a means to unite the Indonesian people from Sabang to Merauke as an embodiment of a solid Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) and the spirit of unity of the Indonesian people. The organizers of the 20th Papua PON on 2-15 October 2021 will feature 37 sports and will be held in four clusters, namely Jayapura City, Jayapura Regency, Merauke, and Mimika Regency.

Encourage Positive News

Head of Division II PB PON XX Papua,Roy Letlora, as reported by, invited the media to raise positive information and news from Papua,as a stimulus to boost the social and economic quality of local communities.In plain view, PON will indeed be able to become a new window for Papua to be known better through a positive assessment, considering that Papua is often treated with news and issues of violence and development injustice.

In fact, groups who are dissatisfied with the government, as well as small groups who want to become independent often play with Papuan security issues. In reality, the social aspect and tolerance in Papua are going very well. However, because of a small flareup of security issues, far more positive Papuan issues are likely being covered up.

Moreover, the potential and opportunity for the people of the archipelago to be familiar with Papu a better, which in the end can become a leverage for the local economy, can also come about with the holding of the Papua PON and Peparnas. By attending directly, or knowing through various reports during the PON, investment interest and visits from outside the region are projected to increase. Obviously, there is an opportunity for an increase in income.

Furthermore, in this PON, there are four cities/regencies that are participating in the event and they are Jayapura City, Jayapura Regency, Mimika Regency, and Merauke Regency. These four clusters will certainly introduce the four regions directly to the outside world.

The potential for Papua to be known better lies in the fact that there will be thousands of athletes, officials, technical delegates, domestic referees,foreign referees, local organizing committees, and national organizing committees in attendance. It is estimated that tens of thousands of people will attend and witness a number of competitive sports and discipline that will be contested.

In addition, the two-week event gives people the opportunity to go around directly to see interesting spots, as well as to interact directly with the local environment. In terms of news,the two-week event will make main-stream news centered on progress and development during the holding of the PON.

This golden opportunity will not be possible if PON is not held in Papua. Therefore, the momentum of these two full weeks is really worth the gold for Indonesia and all people in the archipelago, especially the local Papuans themselves. Therefore, it is not only the Grassberg gold mine in Mimika,which is being managed by PT Freeport Indonesia, that is indeed worth the gold, but even this 20th PON. The potential for gold is no less potent and in the long-run can be a life changer and a new path for our brothers and sisters in Papuan.

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