The Papua Special Autonomy Fund has a Positive Impact on public Health

The Papua Special Autonomy Fund has a Positive Impact on public Health

West Papua – Papua gets the full attention of the Government in its efforts to develop and advance its of them is that President Joko Widodo continued the distribution of Papua’s Special Autonomy (otsus) fund.

This policy will bring many benefits to the people in of Papua and Political Prof. Imron Cotan confirmed this. According to him, the Papua Special Autonomy fund had a very positive impact.

The Special Autonomy fund is concentrated in 4 strategic sectors based on the Special Autonomy law number 21 of 2021. These include:education, health, infrastructure, and creative economic empowerment of local communities.

The health sector is one of the main factors for the development of the Papuan people.“I don’t think many people know the real condition of Papua. The development of the 4 sectors through the Papua Autonomy fund has many challenges,” he said after the Moya Discussion Group-unity in Diversity Development (UID) webinar with the theme “health in Papua through the Special Autonomy Fund”.

Health development in Papua has many challenges to face, starting from its unimaginable land area when compared to other provinces in Indonesia. Not to mention that The land area is not proportional to the population whose distribution is uneven and far away.

The Papua Special Autonomy Fund has a Positive
The Papua Special Autonomy Fund has a Positive

With a vast land with a small population when compared to other areas, Prof. Imron Cotan supports regional expansion. The hope is that health services can be closer, precise, fast, and can be enjoyed wherever they are in Papua. “For health Workers, it is understandable that there is a shortage of people reaching out to serve the community.

We can imagine that there is less nationally alone one specialist doctor serves the needs of 300 thousand people. If conditions are like this, what about Papua,” he explained.

With the limited number of medical personnel in Papua, it is necessary to find a breakthrough and a solution. One of them is the Faculty of Medicine at various universities should accelerate the production of doctors at the regional level, in addition to increasing the ability of nurses at Papua health Centers.

No less important, the safety factor for health workers as their role is very important in carrying out humanitarian missions in Papua.“If their security is compromised by irresponsible individuals, these medical personnel will not come to the regency or District to provide health services.

For this reason, we ask that authorities provide security guarantee to them while on duty in the mountains or beaches. We also urge brothers who hold weapons not to terrorize health workers while carrying out humanitarian tasks in Papua,” he hoped.

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