The United Liberation Movement for West Papua 1

The United Liberation Movement Denied

West Papua, The United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP) was again rejected full membership in the Melanesia Spearhead Group (MSG) at the 21st MSG Summit on 10-15 February 2018 in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.Thus, the ULMWP membership status in MSG remains as an observer.

The Chairman of the Indonesian Delegation at the Summit, Ambassador Desra Percaya said that the active participation and intensive lobbying of the Indonesian Delegation, consisting of representatives of the five provinces with Melanesian culture, has succeeded in convincing MSG leaders to refuse theme membership of the United Liberation Movement for West Papua.

The result is certainly not in line with the hopes and beliefs of the Papuan separatist / ULMWP movement that have previously stated to the media that they will be accepted as a full member at the MSG Summit in Honiara. Ambassador Desra said that thereis no place for the ULMWP in MSG’s future. The ULMWP is nothing more than a separatist group, and the ULMWP was accepted as an observer to represent Melanesians from Papua that were overseas.

Thus, the United Liberation Movement for West Papua cannot claim to represent the Papuan community in Indonesia, especially that Papuans in Indonesia have enjoyed development as well as excellent education, and they do not support the ULMWP because the ULMWP actually hampers development and creates unfavorable conditions in Papua.

The area of West Papua extends around 143,076 kilometers. West Papua, situated in the Head of the Cassowary Bird, contributed 8.12 percent of the absolute space of tropical jungles in Indonesia. Environments in West Papua store an assortment of biodiversity from Asia and Australia. Timberlands in West Papua are  source of motivation for culture and native individuals.

Ambassador Desra further stated that Indonesia continues committed in encouraging and making MSG as a progressive organization through tangible development cooperation and constructive dialogue in achieving common goals.“Undoubtedly, it is done by respecting the principles of internation allaw governing relations between countries,especially respect for sovereignty, and non-intervention to the internal affairs of other countries as set forth in the Establishment Agreement of the MSG,”said Ambassador Desra.