TNI POLRI Deployed in Papua

Defense university lecturer: Keeping the region of the republic of Indonesia Secure

West papua news 2021 – The Indonesian national army (TNI) sent thousands of its members to Papua. This has led to accusa-tions that the number of TNI members in Papua is correlated with human rights violations against the Papuan people.

In relation to this, the Permanent lecturer of the Indonesian Defense university Dr. Budi Pramono said that this is not true and is a propaganda that continues to be puffed out by people who do not like the creation of a conducive situation in Papua.

According to him, the assignment of the TNI in Papua is for security purposes because the Papua region is part of the territory of the unitary state of the republic of Indonesia. The purpose of sending security forces both from the TNI and Indonesian national Police (Polri) to Papua is to create a sense of security for the community from harassment by armed groups in the area.

In addition, Papua is also an area that has a direct border with another country, namely Papua new Guinea, so it is only natural that there are additional military personnel, especially to maintain border security.Indonesia, as a country that up holds human rights, already has a set of rules that guarantee the implementation of human rights in accordance with international rules.

regarding the protection of human rights in Indonesia, it is regulated in law no.39 of 1999, while gross human rights violations are regulated in law no.26 of 2000 pertaining to the human rights Court.

regarding allegations of wide spread gross human rights violations committed by security forces in Papua, Dr.Budi Pramono said that the TNI and Polri are committed to upholding the rules and any personnel who commit violations will be punished based on the level of their guilt.

All perpetrators of human rights violations from the security forces have received their punishment. regarding gross human rights violations, so far it cannot be proven because the violations committed were more personal and spontaneous actions as observed from the situation on the ground.

In fact, Budi added that gross human rights violations were actually carried out by the Papuan Separatist Group through their armed group. During the period of january 2020 to September 2020, violence perpetrated by armed groups in Papua resulted in 98 deaths and 11 injuries.

The victims consisted of civilians, members of the TNI and also the Police. This was conveyed by Dr. Budi Pramono in a webinar with the theme “Peace and Peace in Papua” organized by the Moya Institute on july 1, 2021.

regarding allegations of gross human rights violations, the Indonesian government has appointed an independent institution as an investigator,namely the national human rights Commission (Komnas hAM).

To that end, Komnas hAM is given the authority to conduct investigations and collect evidence against allegations of gross human rights violations committed by security forces. however, sofar, Komnas hAM has not been able topresent evidence, even if it is forced, it will lose in the human rights Court.

TNI POLRI Deployed in Papua

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