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What Are Tourism Attractions In Sorong Regency?

Sorong regency, with an area of 28,894 km2 or 20.18% of West Papua Province, has a variety of interesting and potential tourism attractions for development.

Sorong’s local government also prepared facilities and infrastructures needed to support various tourist destinations that exist and spread across several districts. In Makbon District, there are some interesting marine attractions, including: UM Island, which has panoramic white sand, and a fauna of bats and seagulls.

Um Island is located in Kampung Malumkarta and reached by longboats or four-wheeled vehicles from the Regency’s capital to the District capital, then by taking arowing boat or a long boat to Um Island.

Travel time from the Regency’s capital to Um Island takes about 20-25 minutes by using a long boat.

The next tourism attraction is Klasmis Waterfall located in Kampung Asbaken This waterfall is located on seafront rocksso water flows directly out to sea.

To reach this location, it takes about two hours by long boat from the District capital of Makbon.

Throughout the trip to the waterfall’s location, visitors will be treated to a panoramic view of the beauty of the bluish-green seawater, uniqueness of coral cliffs and hills on the coast which are filled with unspoiled beach forest vegetation.


Moreover, there is also the Asbaken Waterfall in Kampung Asbaken located in the forest on the beach. To reach this attraction, visitors must use a long boat, enjoy the panoramic beauty of the sea and coastal nature, and meet traditional fishermen along the way.

The journey continues by walking about100 meters into the forest. Below the waterfall, there is a place where visitors can go swimming. In Makbon District, there is the tourism attraction Mailan Beach that is reachable by four and two wheeled vehicles and takes about one hour from the capital of Sorong regency.

Klaili District, there is a nature tourism attraction of Hot Water Baths that have a panorama of dense forest and various types of tropical plants and birds, which alternately go to the hot springs.

Location of this attraction is reachable by using four and two wheeled vehicles with a distance of about 40 Km from the District capital of Sorong.

In Aimas District, a historical Jesus Christ Monument tourism attraction is found and it indicates that there was once a preaching of the gospel to Bethel Mawolokmai Aimas worshippers.

Aside from the Eklesia Klasaman and Elim Malanu,these worshippers belong to one of the first congregations in theLand of Moi.

In Aimas District, there is also a culinary attraction Klasmesen. The location is accessible by using two and four wheeled vehicles and is about 5 Km from the District capital.

In addition, Aimas District also has the Tirta Istiana Indah Water Park attraction which is a water-based recreational ride with water play areas, such as Water slide rice, water slide spiral and water splash.

The rides also provide water play facilities for adults and children. Tirta Istiana Indah is located on jl Seledri Aimas UnitII and reachable by using four and two wheeled vehicles.

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Meanwhile, Mayamuk District has Tourism attraction Jeflio which is one of the villages with a mangrove vegetation and very beautiful natural scenery.

This tourist attraction can be visited byroad using two- or four wheeled vehicles with a distance of about10 Km from the Regency capital.

A maritime tourism attraction with a beautiful beach panorama is Seget Beach in Seget District. To reach this beach, visitors can use four-wheeled vehicles with a distance of about two hours from the Regency capital.

The Waterfall Tourism attractions in Kampung Klabot and Kampung Klarion in Baraur District have beautiful natural scenery with dense and original forests.

You can visit this tourist attraction by road using four-wheeled vehicles with a distance of about four hours from the Regency capital.

Next, there is tourism attraction Embun Majaran located in Kampung Majaran, Salawati District. Visitors can visit this location using four and two wheeled vehicles with a distance of about 15Km from the Regency capital.