Waigeo Island is an island in West Papua in the eastern part of Indonesia

Also known as Amberi or Waigiu. Waigeo Island is the largest of the four main islands of the Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua. This island is located between Halmahera Island and Papua Island, about 65 km northwest of Papua Island. Waigeo Island is home to many tourist attractions and is also the easiest island to reach by public transportation, Waigeo Island offers diving spots, coral islands, beautiful bays with towering cliff walls, forests that offer bird watching interiors, and the cheapest accommodation options among a group of islands in Raja Ampat located in West Papua.

Waigeo Island is an island in West Papua

Waigeo Island is the easiest island that can be reached by public transportation, although to explore an island that is full of diversity, it is still a challenge in itself. Waigeo Island offers panoramic views of coral islands, beautiful bays surrounded by towering cliffs, forest areas with good bird watching, and the cheapest accommodation options. Waigeo Island is a great place to start in exploring the beauty and natural wonders of West Papua Raja Ampat .

Waigeo Island West Papua has large wild forest areas that are largely unexplored and inaccessible. On this island, we will find a variety of amazing animal species, such as the world famous bird of Paradise, opossum, snake, turtle, giant lizard, feathered crane, and others. One of the most popular tourist activities in Raja Ampat is diving and snorkeling, because Raja Ampat has an amazing number and diversity of marine biota.

Raja Ampat west papua

We can dive and swim between groups of colorful fishes along coral reefs. Meanwhile, at a depth of about 30 meters along Waiwo Beach, it is highly probable to get an opportunity to see white and black reef sharks that are usually seen napping or patrolling the clear blue waters of Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat west papua

In addition to diving, Waigeo Island West Papua is also a place for very good underwater photography because it has a large biodiversity wealth and an exotic marine biota. The wide variety of species we can see in this place include various types of nudibranch, sea dragons, striped blue strip fish, dwarf sea horses, green sea turtles, giant napoleon wrasse, and lionfish.

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From Sorong Airport, we can rent a mode of transportation to get to the port of Sorong. From the port of Sorong, we then head to Waisai by boat which will take 2 to 3 hours. In Waisai, we can rent a motorbike to go to a homestay or a hotel.