Papua Development with Customary Area Approach

West Papua Development is Integrated Through a Customary Area Approach

West Papua Tabloid – The central government has again reinforced the development program in the provinces of Papua and West Papua based on the potential of customary areas with a budget allocation of Rp 160 trillion.

The Deputy for Economy of the Ministry of National Development Planning / National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), Leonard VH Tampubolon, said that the approach is done to enable building Papua comprehensively in the field of economy and infrastructure.

The same thing was also conveyed by the Head of Bappeda of Papua Province, Mohamad Musaad, who stated that the development strategy in Papua is done in an integrated manner through the customary area approach.

We call every customary area as an Economic Development Zone. There are five customary areas in Papua namely Anim Ha, Lapago, Meepago, Mamta, and Saireri.

Papua Development with Customary Area Approach

In West Papua, there are two namely Domberai and Bomberai “explained Musaad. The Central Government accommodates Papua-based cultural development model or customary area as an effort for the two provinces to catch up with other regions.

Musaad added that the study prepared to implement the strategy was an agreement between the Papua provincial government and Bappenas.

Based on the approach, Tampubolon pointed out that the development in Domberai area covers Sorong, Raja Ampat, Manokwari, and Bintuni will be focused on the fishery and marine sectors, oil and gas based industries, and tourism.

While in Lapago area, which covers Jayawijaya Regency and its expanded area, development is focused on the potentials of coffee, red fruit, sweet potato, tourism, agriculture, hog and horticulture, “explained Tampubolon.

In relation, the government has prepared 17 infrastructure strategic projects for Papua and West Papua worth more than Rp 18 trillion.

Some infrastructure projects such as the construction of ports, roads, and airport development in the provinces of Papua and West Papua have already been done.

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