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West Papua: Processed Fishery Products Industry Has High Added Value

So far, an increase in fishery production does not necessarily have a direct impact on improving the welfare of fishermen. This is due to several things, such as the lack of marketing areas, unequal bargaining position of fishermen with traders as

mentioned above, and the absence of value-added from fishery products of fishermen catch. A high value-added can be obtained from industrial processed fishery, because besides fulfilling domestic requirements it also can give contribution to the increase

of Local Regional Revenue (PAD) in the form of exports. The export value of industrial processed fishery products is much higher than that of raw fishery commodities.

In relation, the concept of blue economy is considered appropriate for the development of a populist economy based on the fisheries sub-sector in West Papua.


In this case, the West Papua Provincial Government and all stakeholders are expected to seriously develop the fishery industry with the blue economy concept.

This concept is not focused on increasing output every year but focuses on how to optimize the potential of West Papua’s fisheries through a synergic, sustainable and environmentally sound program.

Based on blue economy, the industrialization of fisheries is not necessarily by over exploiting the marine ecosystem because the main focus is the improvement of fishermen’s welfare, especially those living in the coastal areas.Therefore, the West Papua Provincial Government needs to prepare a blueeconomy master plan that is aimed and oriented towards the improvement of the fishery sub-sector as the driving force of the economy. In this case, the fishery sub-sector, especially the aquaculture fishery which cannot be separated from government support because most fishery households in West Papua have middle to low business scales.

The blue economy concept also requires the full support of entrepreneurs, investors and other stakeholders forthe fisheries sub-sector in West Papua so it can be better and encourage the realization of community welfare, especially the fishermen. Fishery industrialization is expected to be one of the driving forces of the regional economy and provide impact on other sectors to also become the economy’s thrust.

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