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West papua news, Police Reveal 17 DPOs  Meeting 2 Times Before Attacking Posramil in Maybrat

A total of 17 people who have not been caught are set to be included in the DPO for attacking four members of the TNI AD at the Posramil Kisor, Maybrat, West Papua news, to death. Police confirmed that the perpetrators carried out premeditated murder. “This is a premeditated murder.

The perpetrator of the murder is ensnared in Article 340 of the Criminal Code, subsidiary Article 338 in conjunction with Article 55 Paragraph 1 to 1E, and Article 56 Paragraph 1 to 1E,” said Head of Public Relations of the West Papua Police Kombes Adam Erwindi in a written statement, Friday (10/9). )/2021).

Adam said the perpetrators were planning. The reason, they had held meetings twice before attacking. “The perpetrator had previously held meetings twice,” he said. Furthermore, Adam asked the public not to be afraid and carry on with their normal activities.

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He explained that the TNI-Polri were pursuing the perpetrators. “We appeal to the people of Kampung Kisor not to be afraid to move and to return to their respective homes. Currently we are still conducting a sweep of 17 perpetrators to account for their actions,” said Adam.

It is known, four members of the Army (AD) died after being attacked by a group of people suspected of coming from a terrorist separatist group (KST) at the Kisor Posramil, South Aifat District, Maybrat, West Papua. The police have named 17 people on the wanted list (DPO) suspected of being the perpetrators of the attack.”West Papua Police will issue a release regarding the DPO of 17 perpetrators of criminal acts of persecution that caused the victim’s death which occurred on September 2, 2021 at 03.00 WIT in Kisor, Maybrat Regency, West Papua. This incident has resulted in the death of four TNI AD personnel,” said West Papua Police Head of Public Relations Kombes Adam Erwindi told reporters, Friday (10/9).

A total of 17 people in the DPO named Silas Ki, Manfred Fatem, Musa Aifat, Setam Kaaf, Titus Sewa, Irian Ki, Alfin Fatem, Agus Kaaf, Melkias Ki, Melkias Same, Amos Ki, Musa Aifat, Moses Aifat, Martinus Aisnak, Yohanes Yaam, Agus Yaam, and Robi Yaam. Silas Ki is known to be the Chairman of the KNPB Kisor Sector, who was the initiator of the attack.