West Papua Plantation Products Targeting European Market?

In order to welcome export opportunities, the West Papua Provincial Government will increase plantation production, as quoted from radar Papua Governor Dominggus said he would expand the plantation area by opening new land.

Next year should start. There is a desire for West Papua to have large-scale plantations. “There is additional land to increase production so that we can export our superior commodities,” he said in Manokwari

West Papua has a number of superior commodities that can be exported to a number of European countries. Some time ago, he held a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture and the central government to see that West Papua has great potential for the development of the plantation sector. “The land is still very large.

West Papua Plantation Products

Can increase the production of Nutmeg, Cocoa, Palm Oil and Corn. In Arfak Mountains, we can also develop coffee plantations,” he said. His party wants this area to have 1 million hectares of nutmeg garden land. According to him, to realize these expectations in the Kaimana and Fakfak areas.

The Governor continued that the plantation sector development program is currently being drafted. Studies will be conducted to ensure suitable land and commodities in each area.

The Arfak Mountains have great potential for coffee development. Next year we have to work on it. Papua is preparing the Regional Medium Term Program Plan (RPJMD). The plantation sector is one of the priorities of the provincial government. Infrastructure development will continue to be boosted to support the development of all sectors, he explained.